WE Believe that With the kind of digital know-how available to global corporations, any business can thrive in THE digital age.


du.today, brought to you by South Pacific Digital Limited, a New Zealand based company, was designed to make our expertise and experience in helping global digital leaders accessible and affordable for small-to-medium sized businesses.

Before setting up du.today our founders could list some of the biggest brands around as our clients and employers, including Apple, Vodafone, Deloitte, SingTel, Microsoft, Coca-Cola and others. Now, we’re turning our focus to helping businesses like yours. We’re seeing great results and loving it.


Reimagining any business today is essential for its future success.

You may not think you’re being disrupted. Too late. You are. Your customers, employees and your biggest competitive threats have already begun reimagining their digital selves. But when the world is changing around you at an exponential rate, you’ve only got one option if you want to stay in business, and that is change with it and start today.


Start thinking 360 Digital.

Behind every great business around today there’s an innate understanding that digital is an era we live in, not a technology, discipline or marketing campaign.

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For any business, regardless of size, reimagining yourself for the digital era means looking at your entire business and how all the elements will come together to meet new customer expectations, drive new efficiencies, create new operational models, reach new markets and attract the best talent.


The world’s evolving too quickly for you not to be thinking strategically.

If you don’t know what success in digital looks like for your business, then you’ll never get there. For du.today and our clients, strategic thinking means first figuring out what digital success needs to look like for your business and then choosing the best options to get you there.

We see too many businesses with directionless innovation labs, scatter-gun digital venture funds and seemingly endless lists of cool initiatives focusing on yesterday’s customer and business needs. Strategic thinking helps any business evaluate their choices, make better decisions and get ahead of the curve; focusing on where customer and business needs will be, not where they are today or have been.

Why you started

Same you, just more digital.

From survive to thrive like a champion.


Having spent the last 25 years leading and shaping winning digital strategies, teams, initiatives, products and partnerships for some of the world’s most successful global businesses… 

we figured it was time to start focusing on the things we love and want to fight for.


We fight for


A strong SMB business sector

Working with small-to-medium sized business owners and leadership teams who are truly passionate and committed to their businesses, customers and communities has been inspirational.

Thinking strategically and acting by design

We’re passionate about strategy and also applying design thinking in practical ways to help businesses action their digital strategies to achieve their full potential.

Building stronger communities

Digital is an incredible opportunity not only for businesses to thrive, but also for communities to reinvent themselves to take full advantage of the digital economy for generations to come.

Sustainability through digital

Mastering digital is essential for business success, but if we’re not all working towards this in a sustainable way then it’s all pretty much pointless.  We’re committed to leaving this planet in a better shape than we found it and believe digital technologies, practices and business models are an important part of achieving this.


Our Founders


John Pennington

An innovator and entrepreneur with over 20 years global experience establishing, leading and growing technology businesses and practices.

Trained in information systems, neuro-science, human factors engineering and business management, John has also worked for some of the world's leading consulting and technology companies.

Apple | BCG | EMC | American Mgmt. Systems

Pablo Dunovits1.jpg

Pablo Dunovits

Designer, strategist, digital innovator, educator, mentor, social entrepreneur and startup-leader. Father of two, “asado” lover and almost football retired but still running.

Pablo spends much of his time working with executives across a wide range of industries, using design to address strategic, brand, digital and innovation challenges.

elDogma I Colenso BBDO I Deloitte Digital | Basics Digital



What Chico lacks in digital knowledge, skills and abilities he certainly makes up for with his support, positive energy and team ethos.

Terjon Ridgebacks | Lennox Head Pack | Biz Dojo Wall of Fame/Shame


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