Choice Cards©


There are card decks and then there’s Choice Cards©

Developed to be used with our canvases and mobile applications, they provide a familiar and yet revolutionary way of understanding and mastering the 8 dimensions of digital.

  • Choice Cards© are great focus of conversation and are perfect for individual use as well as group collaboration.

  • We cover a lot in our courses. Our course attendee’s love using Choice Cards© as they are simply easy to handle, sort and categorise.

  • Once our course participants use Choice Cards© time and time again to review progress, run meetings, share concepts and challenge their thinking.

  • While they look simple, the Choice Cards© are in fact a consolidated body of complex knowledge, carefully curated and then simplified for ease of use.

The card system to travel through the problems was excellent
— Wesley. Company Director, NSW, Australia

Each Deck Contains

  • 65 Choice Cards ease you through the complexities, challenges and opportunities available to your business.

  • Covers strategy, leadership, organisation, talent, customer engagement, marketing, products, services, R&D, business operations and innovation.

  • Focus in on the impactful power digital has on your businesses processes, culture, suppliers, measures, governance and technology.

  • 18 Disruption cards to help you understand and master the driving forces behind digital disruption.