Digital Foundations





The world has changed

Your customers, employees and your biggest competitive threats have already begun reimagining their digital selves. Have you?


Business failure rates are on the increase, while digital businesses are thriving. You Choose.

  • Learn what digital means for your organisation, customers and partners

  • Analyse your current digital capabilities and competitiveness

  • Define your digital opportunities and the path to achieve them

  • Select and make a start on impactful digital initiatives

  • Master the tools and techniques to track & measure your digital progress

  • Review and discuss your plans with course facilitators, who only want to make you successful


“Informative, Interactive, Strategic.”

“The day left me with a practical framework in which to guide our progress on the digital journey and assess the effective impact on our business.”

Phillip. Director. NSW, Australia


More Than Just A Course

  • Suitable for any small to medium sized business.

  • For all levels of digital experience and knowledge.

  • Business outcomes focused with a clear plan of action.


  • Learn from real-world examples of businesses just like yours who are mastering digital.

  • Access world-class digital expertise and advice.

Gain Digital Momentum

  • Apply learnings directly to your business throughout the course.

  • Find the most relevant technologies and modern ways of working for your business.

  • Gain confidence and learnings you can apply directly.


Helping businesses like yours use new technologies and modern ways of working to survive in the new digital age.


Course Overview


This highly interactive and collaborative course is designed for small-to-medium sized business owners, leadership teams and directors who are looking to understand how changes in technology and modern ways of working, otherwise knowing as digital, can create opportunities for their business.

The learning framework includes exploring real life examples, expert led discussions and team based activities. You'll walk away knowing how digital can be applied in your business along with a clear actionable plan, so you can get cracking.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for small-to-medium sized businesses


Digital Foundations Day Structure

01. Discover - Get the context

  • Learn what digital is and why it’s the most significant thing to happen to business, ever.

  • Evaluate what digital means for your business beyond web services and promotion.

02. Review - Get the tools

  • Determine your organisation’s current and required maturity across ALL digital disciplines: Team, Customer Experience, Marketing, Products, Technology, Services & Business Operations.

  • Uncover your digital opportunities, set your success goals and prepare a practical plan of attack.

03. Advance - Get going

  • Start to execute your digital plan, by exploring the software, providers and approaches available to you right here across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Learn the life skills of how to assess your options, and correct your course on an ongoing basis. Digital is here to stay.


Why take this course ?


You’re worried or excited about technological change? Maybe you think you’re not affected. Too late. You are. Your customers, employees and your biggest competitive threats have already begun reimagining their digital selves. But when the world is changing so rapidly, you’ve only got one option if you want to stay in business, and that is to start changing today.

We’ve helped shape and guide some of the world’s most successful digital products, services and business models. For businesses like yours through to global corporations. Now you can also benefit from our 30 years of digital experience spanning just about every industry as well as all the digital disciplines you’ll need to get up to speed on.


Tools For A More Digital You.


We use Next generation tools to tackle next generation challenges and accelerate your path from knowledge to achievement.


Your business is nearly as precious as your time.



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Half a day is all it takes

Digital Foundations incorporates years of learnings, pragmatic strategies, tools and techniques from successful digital businesses, and helps you apply them in just half a day. Card Deck pic5.jpeg

Learn once.
Benefit for a life time.

Start to build a powerful digital support network, be equipped to select service providers in an informed way and have the tools to refine your approach for years to come, saving even more time and money. Explore our learning and development system.

Resources at your
finger tips

As a course attendee you’ll have privileged access to our exclusive Top 150 digital business initiatives catalogue, to help save you time and to make more informed decisions.



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We realise that you may be new to digital, what it can do for your business and the impact its having on the world around you. So, choosing a digital course is not that easy.

We are confident that if you book a course with us you will not regret your choice.  In fact, we are so confident that we offer a full refund of your money if you are not satisfied with this course.